Ode to Kona – a Poem

  Splendidly colored flowers
  Exude their fragrance into the air,
  Tall thin palms like towers,
  Sway rhythmically without a care.

  Exotic birds with magnificent plumes,
  Strut as rulers and kings,
  A place where the coveted orchid blooms,
  And plumeria around the neck slings.

  Flower scented breezes perfume the air,
  Crystal clear ocean waters beckon,
  Nature’s untold beauty everywhere,
  God’s perfect creation will never be secon’.

  Oh beautiful tropical isle,
  You have captured my heart,
  Your scents and sights make me smile,
  Truly paradise thou art.

  From the exotic fish and island birds,
   I must depart, but Kona,
    O Kona, majestic island in my heart,
     My affection I must impart.

This poem was inspired when we flew from Kona after running the Kona Half-Marathon.


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