Running in the Rain

I didn’t run my usual “Thursday 5” this morning.  It was a lazy hazy morning and besides it was raining.  I didn’t skip my run though.  I waited ’til the rain let up a little and then ran only 3 miles in the neighborhood–my old familiar route with the formerly washed-out bridge. 

By the time I walked out the door, it was only sprinkling or drizzling.  I grew up in California and the sprinkle or drizzle that I ran in this morning would have been called a downpour there.  When I first arrived here and experienced torrential rains, I thought the whole town would flood, but that seems to be the norm here.  Quite often, we get “flash flood” warnings.  Todays rains were nothing like that. 

 My foot is really progressing.  Today, it didn’t start hurting until I was almost home.  On a scale of 1-10, I would say the pain is down to three.

The temperature is nice even though it’s raining.  It’s only 70 degrees–great running temperature.  Since it’s raining, head covering and a wind breaker is needed, but the 70 degree temp makes it too hot to wear all that gear.  Today’s run was of moderate intensity.  I should have run further and feel guilty about not following my training schedule.

This is pretty interesting.  I left the house at 10:51 am.  While running, I found 51 cents on the ground in front of a house with the address of 5101.  This isn’t a riddle or a brain teaser.  It actually happened. 


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