Kona Marathon in My Running Journal

I was flipping through an older hand written journal and came across this entry.

June 23, 2003

We made it!  We crossed the finish line!

There were 2500 participants in the Kona Marathon.  Pete finished 2nd in his age group.  He astounded everyone, even me.  He’s always using his age as an excuse not to do certain things or an excuse just to be lazy.  I continually pushed and pulled to get him to exert any effort during our training sessions.  So when he shot out ahead of me, it surprised everyone.  Everyone is proud of him. He did great!

As we were sitting in the airport to head back to Tulsa, Cindy came up to me and handed me a newspaper entitled, “West Hawaii Today.”  Right on top of the paper were written these words, “Thousands turn out for Kona Marathon and Half-Marathon.” It contains a four page spread complete with race results and photos.  I’ll keep it along with other Kona Marathon memorabilia and Big Island treasures.

The Hilton Waikoloa Village is truly paradise.  We stayed in the Palace Tower.  The balcony to our room overlooked majaestic palms, exotic birds, and a vast crystal clear ocean full of colorful fish and huge turtles.

One morning while we were eating breakfast at Boat Landing Cafe, I held my hand out with some crumbs in it and several birds flew over and ate right out of my hand.  Another time, me and Pere were sitting on the balcony getting some fresh air and talking.  I was wearing some white thongs I had purchased at one of the shops there at the Waikoloa Village.  I propped my feet up on the ledge and a couple birds perched real close by acting as if they wanted to nibble on my toes.  I put my feet down before they got to them.

When we were swimming in the lagoon, fish began nibbling on Pete’s ankles.  We really enjoyed ourselves while we were in Hawaii.


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