Running Poem


I started running for fitness and
Get my flabby body nice and toned,
I laced my Nikes and soared across the land,
At the Arkansas River alone. 

Alone but not lonely when I run,
Outdoor running in the open air,
It’s actually tremendous fun,
Close to nature and a time for prayer.

Cobwebs are cleared from my groggy mind,
My body feels enlivened and strong,
Stresses of the day are left behind,
And I sing a melodious song.

I’ve become addicted to running,
I have to run every single day,
The peace of mind I feel is stunning,
And I gaze upon a sunlight ray.

At the start, training sessions were rough,
Breathless, tired, and sore aching feet,
But now I can’t seem to get enough,
The endorphin high cannot be beat.

Now it’s the marathon and 10K,
The road race and running cross country,
Pounding the pavement everyday,
Racing ‘til I injured my left knee.

© by Bette L. Hall

NOTE: This poem was written after running the 2004 Tulsa Run 15K.  My knee no longer gives me problems.


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