Lance Armstrong Runs Marathon

When interviewed for a local running newsletter I was asked if I have any role models or anyone who specifically inspires me.

Here was my response:

“Hero or inspired by: -Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, ten years since diagnosis.”

“I know he’s a Tour de France seven time champion, but he’s about to run his first marathon on Sunday Nov 5, 2006.  Some people think he’ll probably run it in somewhere between 02:30:00 and 02:40:00. He thinks he’ll be middle of the pack around 02:45:00.  I believe he’ll do better than that.  I think he can run it somewhere between 02:10:00 to 02:15:00.  He’s got incredible aerobic capacity, strong legs, and determination.”


We were all wrong.  His actual time was 2:59:36


3 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Runs Marathon

  1. I’d think I was the reincarnation of Pre if I broke three hours in a marathon. (Shoot … I’d be excited if I broke *five* hours, for that matter!)

    Cycling and marathoning are two very different sports. If Armstrong had been running all these years instead of cycling, he’d probably be making the Kenyans eat his dust right now. If he’s cruising to a 2:59 in his first outing, there’s no telling what he’ll do in his second … assuming he’s as ate up as the rest of us and decides to try a second.

    BTW, thanks for sticking me on your blogroll. 🙂

  2. From one Tulsan to another, I’ll be happy if I break 3 hours at the Route 66 Half-Marathon on Sunday November 19, 2006.
    BTY: Love your Red Fork Hippie site. You’ve inspired me to post some of my route 66 photography–maybe sometime this week. It’s not as advanced or as crisp as yours, but it’s fun and I love taking pictures. I’ve gone digital though.

  3. Thanks!

    I went digital about a year and a half ago. My husband bought me a digital Canon EOS Rebel to take on vacation with us. Great camera. Not cheap, but great … and very forgiving under adverse conditions.

    Going digital is great for improving your work, because you can take as many different shots and try as many different things as you want — it doesn’t cost you any more to shoot 100 pictures than it does to shoot one. I don’t know whether it works this way with every camera, but when I dump the images off my card, I can pull them up in Photoshop and get data on all the camera settings, so if I get a really good shot (even on the automatic setting), I can tell what I did right. Makes a big difference.

    I’ll probably be crossing the finish line about the same time you do. I dropped down from full to half and will be running with a friend who swears she averages 16-plus-minute miles, although I expect she’ll pick up her pace a bit when she gets out there with all the other runners and the excitement takes over.

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