Some Tulsa Run 15K Facts

There were 8,452 runners in comparison to 7,500 runners in 2005.

The temperature at 9:00am starting time was 40 degrees, humidity 65%, 8 mile per hour winds, and clear skies. 

While standing in the shade of the tall downtown skyscrapers, it felt cold enough to cause many runners to shiver, but once the race started and we ran beyond the downtown area, the sun felt good and it was really nice running weather.

“Glen Lafarlette — an avid runner and owner of Glen’s Road Race Service, which certified the Tulsa Run and many other race courses in the state and region — died six days earlier. A moment of silence in his honor was observed before the 15k. ”

TOP TEN Female Finishers

   1     Jessica Tranchina       F29 Tulsa OK             59:15   
    2     Brooke Sramek          F30 Dallas TX          1:00:04 
    3     Katie Fether              F40 Boulder CO       1:00:05   
    4     Katie Kelly                F24 Edmond OK      1:00:39 
    5     Sara Vaughn             F16 Tulsa OK          1:00:46 
    6     Rebekah Ellis           F23 Sapulpa OK       1:01:39 
    7     Ginger Lewis            F36 Tulsa OK           1:01:52 
    8     Lisa Butler               F34 Tulsa OK           1:02:04 
    9     Jenna Rae Downs     F22 Stillwater OK     1:02:44 

   10     Andrea Bonner         F22 OklahomaCity OK 1:03:34

TOP TEN Male Finishers

    1     Corey Duquette         M24 Lawton OK           46:49   
    2 CL Mark Thompson       M27 Edmond OK         47:11    
    3     Chuck Sloan            M29 OklahomaCity OK 47:53    
    4     Jerry Faulkner           M25 Tulsa OK             48:05    
    5     Daniel Ellis               M23 Tulsa OK             48:26    
    6     Scott Downard         M23 Norman OK           49:36    
    7     John Sutrick            M20 Sapulpa OK           49:42    
    8     Clay Mayes III          M19 Claremore OK       49:48    
    9     Cailean Carlberg        M22 Tulsa OK             50:04    
   10     Matt Aguero             M26 Lawton OK           50:10   


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