Poem: Tulsa Run 2003

Tulsa Run 2003

It was a breezy October morn,
As eight thousand runners fill the street,
In runner’s apparel they’re adorned,
With proper running shoes on their feet.

Excitement crescendoed in volume,
In anticipation of starting time.
Not caring about wearing perfume,
Their hearts were jocund and sublime.

By the mayor, the gun was fired,
At the 26th annual run,
Strength and endurance is required,
When you hear the thunder of the gun.

Men, women, Clydesdales, racewalkers,
Army men in marching formation,
Wheelchair racers and fun walkers,
Win from spectators, admiration.

Runners setting personal pr’s,
Run, run, run with all your energy,
On the streets there weren’t any cars,
Muscles functioning in synergy.

Music at finish line festival,
At Vet’ran’s Park on 18th downtown,
Upon finish line arrival,
Fam’ly entertainment and a clown.

© by Bette L. Hall


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