3 Days Until the Route 66 Marathon

Only three days left until the Inaugural Route 66 Marathon and Half-Marathon. 

I can already feel the excitement stirring inside of me.  The two previous half-marathons I ran were filled with activities and celebrations and I expect that the Route 66 Marathon will be just as impressive.  The marathon is more than a chance to run, it is also one big party.  And besides, the Route 66 Marathon concides with the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration.

The planned route is a beautiful urban road course.  It is a mostly a flat loop course starting and finishing at 6th and Main Street in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and will travel along parts of historic Route 66, the Arkansas River, and past the Oklahoma Aquarium and Jenks America.

The half-marathon (which I’ll be running) will follow the same course as the full marathon but will turn around at 41st Street and Riverside Drive.  It also includes 31 live bands, choirs, and a classic car parade.  The entire last mile of the marathon will be lined with church choirs and is known as “Inspiration Mile.”

KJRH Channel 2 will be providing live coverage on local television.  This Sunday morning, KJRH will broadcast from 9-10 am covering the beginning of the race from about 7:45 am.

 I didn’t run this morning, but walked 3 miles and stretched when I got back for about 20 minutes.  The wind was cold today, but the forcast for Sunday is mild weather with light or no wind.

In anticipation,


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