Art Laboe’s Killer Oldies

Best Oldies of All Time ! ! Great Music ! !

Reviewer: Bette L. Hall MA (Oil Capital, OK United States)

Art Laobe’s “60 Killer Oldies” is a 4 CD collection of some of the greatest music of all time.One of the CD’s is entitled, “Memories of El Monte: The roots of L.A.’s Rock and Roll.” The first song on that CD is “Memories of El Monte.” Here are just a few of the words to that song:

If they only had those dances again,
I’d know where to find you and all my old friends…

Earth angel, earth angel will you be mine at El Monte…

If we could go back to
The days of the past,

I’d show you a love
A love that would last.

O I remember those wonderful
Dances in El Monte.
In El Monte.

I grew up in the San Bernardino area and all my friends used to go to those dances at the American Legion Hall in El Monte during the 1960’s. I never did get to go to any of the dances in El Monte, but had always wanted to. I always danced at the National Guard Armory in Riverside, the VFW Hall in Rialto, or the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino or the Kaiser Dome.

All of the songs on these CDs invoke emotions in me that bring both laughter and tears and they always give me a longing for the “Good O’ Days.” Now day it seems as though the only way to go to a dance is to go to a bar. Back then, there were dances everywhere. Bar hopping isn’t my style, but I miss those old dances including the ones in peoples garages or living rooms.

Art Laboe used to be a DJ on KRLA from Pasadena. KRLA and XPRS were my two favorite radio stations. I don’t even know if KRLA even exists any more since I no longer live in the Southern California area.

Anyway, the songs on these CDs remind me of the dances, the radio, my first boy friend, my first love, my marriage, my first child, and my youth. O to be young and in love again!

All of the songs are good and it’s difficult to choose a single favorite, but among my many favorites are “Angel Baby,” “Daddy’s Home,” “Dedicated To The One I Love,” “Together,” “Baby I’m For Real,” “Natural High,” “10 Commandments of Love,” “I’m Your Puppet,” “Confessin’ A Feeling,” “In The Still of The Night, and “Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You.” But really, I like all of the songs on this CD collection.

I give this set of CDs five stars plus plus *****++.

Simply the best ! ! !



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