Merry Christmas!

Peace, Love, and Joy to all who read these words.

My prayer is for the absence of hostility and strife, for lots of freinds, fun activities, good food, and festive gaiety.



5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Bette,

    Merry Christmas to you! I hope you got everything you wanted from Santa.

    By the way, I’ve noticed that if you choose the “Edit Timestamp” feature when you post your blog comment you can roll back the publicly viewed timestamp. 😉


  2. My apologies Brad,

    I didn’t respond to your first statement. Yes, I got exactly what I wanted.

    All I wanted for Christmas is for my prodigal daughter to come home and that’s exactly what happened, so I’m rejoicing.

    When I layed eyes on her, I burst out in tears of joy and mixed emotions. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in six months. I know she’s an adult, but I was almost ready to report her to the police as a missing person. But she’s home now. That’s all I wanted.

    Thank you for asking.

    Hope your Christmas was great also.

  3. Wow! That’s a great story. I am so glad to hear of your happy reunion.

    It’s funny, I remember my first Christmas after being “away from home”. My parents and little brother were in Virginia, and I had moved away to Seattle, to go to UW. I was planning on coming home for Christmas, but I hadn’t really said anything to my parents about it… it’s not like we had a bad relationship, but I was busy at school and my new independent life, so we didn’t really talk or communicate that much (email didn’t really exist yet)…

    Finally my Mom called a little after Thanksgiving and was nearly in tears begging me to come home. She said “dad had forgiven me for getting the earring and it was ok if I came home, I could wear an earring in the house”…

    I had no idea how hard my absence was on her. My sister had already been at college for a couple years, I figured Mom was used to having kids leave the house. For me, it was no big deal… I was finally out on my own and living a big life.

    But, it was nice to go home and have a happy Christmas with the whole family.

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