Running Agenda for 2007

 Thinking About My Running Agenda for 2007

Brad the Zappoman says, “If you haven’t already planned your 2007 season, now is the perfect time to do so.”

I haven’t got concrete plans yet, but it’s in the thinking stages.

Thirteen point one miles is the longest race I have ever run.  I began running in the 1980’s.  Since that time I have run many 5k, 8k, 10k, and 15k races as well as three half-marathons.  But I have never gone beyond the half-marathon.

2007 will bring with it several firsts for me.

  • Feb 17  Mohawk Thirty                 Mohawk        30 K (18 miles)
  • Feb 24  Toe Stumpin’ Trail Run     Mannford         5 Mi
  • Oct 14   Fall Duathlon                  OKC           Run/Bike/Run
  • Nov 19   Route 66 Marathon         Tulsa           Full marathon (26.1 miles)

The Mohawk Thirty and The Route 66 Marathon will be firsts for me because the distance of the races are beyond anything I’ve done previously.  The Toe Stumpin’ Trail Run will be a first for me in that I have never done trail running before.  And I have never competed in a duathlon. 

If anyone sees me on any of these courses, be sure to say hello and let me know you read my “Running Journal.”


4 thoughts on “Running Agenda for 2007

  1. Good luck on your goals for 2007 – i finished my first marathon this year – the buzz you get once you have crossed the finishing line is just awesome. Looking forward to watching your progress over the coming months

  2. Bravo for you!

    Marathoning is all a mind game. If you’ve decided to run a marathon, you’ll finish. All you have to do is stand by your decision and silence anybody and anything that would try to dissuade you.

    Oh, and come up with a good reason to run. If it’s all about you, it’s a lot harder to finish. I ran my first as a fundraiser and my second to prove for myself that I had complete dominion over a claim of illness that had chased me for 15 years. A good friend of mine ran her last one to encourage the people around her who were feeling discouraged. Catra Corbett runs ultras to inspire folks who are battling addiction, illness, or other problems — she dedicates each of her crazy runs to an individual who needs a little inspiration.

    As they say in OKC: “Find a reason to run.” 🙂

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    When I ran half-marathon #1 I ran in memory of my dad and helped raise funds for the American Stroke Association. For half-marathon #2 I ran in memory of my little neice who died from leukemia at the age of four and helped raise funds for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Foundation.

    When I ran half-marathon #3, I ran it because of the convenience and to improve on my finishing time–which I did.

    I already know the reason I’ll be running the marathon. It goes hand-in-hand with a cd entitled, “No More Walls.” It has a song on it entitled, “Peace be to these streets.”

    I’ll be running for the streets of Tulsa to experience peace and freedon from strife, confusion, violence, crime, and drug addiction.

    During the race, I’ll be humming to myself the tune of the song, “Peace be to these streets.”

    I’ll be running for Tulsa!

    I like your way of thinking. You have a lot of insight.

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