2007 Training Calendar

I finally have a six month plan for my running, jumping, biking, and weightlifting program.  I tried to post it here on wordpress, but the calendar is too wide for the wordpress columns.  If anyone wants to take a peek at my plan for January 2007, you can see it here.

I’ve taken the gold in weightlifting at both the local and national level, so I’ll be continuing with weightlifting as part of my cross-training routine.  I’ve taken the gold in track and field events and will also include track running in my training.  I’ll be going to nationals in July so about a month or so before I go, I’ll be including long jump and high jump in my training routine. 

As for the combat training, I’m hoping it will help me improve in every sport.  It includes many of the same exercises performed when lifting weights.  The big difference is that it only uses body weight.  For instatnce, when doing squats in weightlifting, I’ll do three sets of 12 with dumbbells in my hands.  In combat conditioning, I only use body weight and now I’m up to three sets of 75.  I’ll be increasing that number as time goes by.  In fact, I might just go for 100 when I finish with this post.

Combat conditioning is much like the physical fitness I taught the women firefighters but more intense.  For example, we did push-ups, but in combat conditioning, we do reverse push-ups and fingertip push-ups.  A reverse push-up is getting into a back-bend position to do the push-ups.

 I used to compete in bicycle races, but haven’t done so since 2003 because I haven’t had a decent bicycle.  I was secretly hoping Santa would bring me a bike, but that didn’t happen.  Anyway, I would like to get back into cycling, so I’ll be cycling one day a week either on a beach criuser or a mountain bike.  I really need a road bike.  I’m only including the cycling just so I won’t get rusty in that area.   Also, it will help get me ready for the duathlon I’ll be doing this summer.  I plan on renting a bicycle if I don’t have a good one by then.

I’ll be running 6 days each week.  The days, distances, and order in this plan are not set in stone, but I plan to stick to it as much as is possible.  The only race included in January has already passed.  It was the “Race into the New Year 5K.” 

Hopefully I’ve explained everything on the calendar.  If you have questions or if I left anything out, don’t hesitate to ask.


One thought on “2007 Training Calendar

  1. I am inspired by your committment to your training. All the strength trainiing will pay off when you get towards the end of your marathon. The last 10k is always hard, mentally epecially. I know you will do well.

    Good luck with your training!

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