2007 Resolutions

The new year is a time for reflection on the things we want to change and improve upon in our lives.  It’s a time to resolve to make self-improvements.  Believe in yourself and your resolutions won’t be just pipe dreams.  And so… here is my list of things I vow to do:

For myself I resolve to: 

  1. be able to do 1000 squats at a time, or even better, to do three sets of 1000 squats
  2. complete my first full marathon.
  3. run my first trail race.
  4. get some work done on my teeth.
  5. save enough money to buy a new pro-bicycle in the $3-6000 range.
  6. create synergy in my athletic ability by training in multiple activities simultaneously to create a greater result than if I only train for each sport individually.
  7. always reach for the stars.

For others I resolve to: 

  1. send out more cards such as thank you cards, thinking of you cards, get well cards, etc.
  2. cook for my husband more often.
  3. call my mother more.
  4. continue to pray for my prodigal daughter and for my neighbor Cynthia.
  5. smile at others (even strangers) more.
  6. pay more attention to Katie.
  7. volunteer to help train the mentally handicapped kids for the special olympics.

To everyone who reads these words, “Happy New Year!”  I wish you a year full of love, prosperity, faster running times, and a Boston qualifyer!

By the way, it really does say one thousand squats and not one hundred.  It wasn’t a typo.


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