A Winter Run

“I know plenty of people who dread going outside for any purpose whatsoever, let alone to excercise, when it’s really cold outside. But I love it. There’s just nothing else like a long, crisp run in the winter cold.”

“I love how the air is freezing against your skin when you first step outside, but you know that after a half-hour beads of sweat will be running down your face and your skin will be all flushed and moist. And I love how when you come inside from a good long winter run your…”

This quote is from Michelle S. Han here on wordpress.  Her site only has one running post, but it is truly a treat to read it. If I have whetted your curiosity to read more, you can click here to read the rest of her beautiful description of running in the winter time.

Be sure to check out my training calendar for Jan 2007.


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