Poem: Tulsa Run 2006

Tulsa Run 2006

The 29th annual Tulsa run launches
Oklahoma’s Centennial Celebration.
Casey Norton and Felicia Correia,
Celebrity runners were our inspiration.

A moment of silence for Glen LaFarlette,
Avid runner who certified many a racing course,
has finished his race of life’s trek
In the running community was a positive force.

The sound of shotgun fire blasts into the air,
Shooting adrenaline energy to every runner,
Long and short runs are the way to prepare,
When you finish the race you’re a winner. 

Sixteen thousand feet pounding the asphalt pavement
As they quicken momentum toward the finish line,
Champions with arms held high in acheivement,
Feeling magnificient and divine.


3 thoughts on “Poem: Tulsa Run 2006

  1. Hi Regina, Thank you for asking.

    My favorite spot is at the Arkansas River. A lot of runners congregate at 41st and Riverside or 71st and Riverside. There are markers every half mile for 27 miles. It could be longer than that. I believe there may have been some additions to it.

    Some people like to run around La Fortune Park at 51st Street and Yale. I don’t know if there are any markers, but I’ve heard that it’s three miles around.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get together and run a few miles? Unfortunately, I’ll be working weekends during the entire month of January. Maybe we could run together if you’re out this way next month.

    BTW, I’ve decided to run the Beacon on the Bay ’07 out at Lake Hefner in March. It’s a 25K (15.5 miles). It would be good practice for both of us since we’ll both be running our first marathon this year.

    I almost forgot to tell you that you are welcome to run with either Runner’s World at 8 am on Saturdays at 71st and Riverside or with Fleet Feet at 6:30 am at 41st and Riverside. You don’t have to be a member of anything to run with them. Everyone is welcome.

  2. plarfarlette49 says:

    What a double edge sword it is to see my father (Glen Lafarlette) remembered in such a great way. My heart was saddened to find out that he died. I’d been watching as he changed through the years (teeth & etc) and was proud of him. Our time together was very short, but it is great to know my father had a passion and he followed it. Even more impressive is the fact so many enjoyed him and he was loved by many. I only run on my treadmill, but think of him when I do run. Rest in peace, Miss you and the time we missed . Love his daughter, Pahmela

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