Looking For Running Trails in Tulsa?

This is for RegiVizz and anyone who is looking for a good running trail in Tulsa.


Here is a map that shows the best running trail in Tulsa along the Arkansas River.  It’s called River Parks or River Trails.  This map shows 71st and Riverside. However, 41st or 31st and Riverside are good starting points also.  One of the newer running groups also meets at 96th and Riverside.  It’s all a matter of choice.

 I also tried to get LaFortune Park on this map.  I was able to get it on the map along with the river, but then I couldn’t copy it.  Anyway, it would be located in the upper right hand corner if it was on this map about a mile north and a mile east of Southern Hills Country Club.

Of course, there are other trails, but the Arkansas River is my favorite.  There is also the Osage Trail, Katy Trail, Haikey Creek Park, Mohawk Park, and the Creek Turnpike Trail.


One thought on “Looking For Running Trails in Tulsa?

  1. Thanks so much! I don’t know for sure if I’ll be in Tulsa Saturday, but if things go as planned I will be, and I’ll take your advice as far as running trails!
    Happy running!

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