Metric Conversions

I’ve always wanted to know the exact mileage of certain distances. Not having grown up with the metric system–sure I was introduce to it in school–I can relate better to miles. I don’t want to hear that the 5k is 3 miles or the 10k is 5 miles, I want to know exact measurements. So I looked them up and here are the results.

5k = 3.10685 miles
8k = 4.97097 miles
10k = 6.21371 miles
12k = 7.44 miles
15k = 9.32057 miles
20k = 12.4274 miles
25k = 15.5343 miles
30k = 18.74 miles
half-marathon = 13.109 miles
Marathon – 26.218

Run Smart,


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