Run Short, Run Long

Well, I ran the “Run Short, Run Long” race on Saturday, but I didn’t do the 20K after all.

When we arrived at Mohawk Park it wasn’t real cold, temperature-wise. It was about 38 degrees. But…the 25 mile per hour winds cut to the bone and it felt much colder than 38. However, if the sun would have been shining I would have gone ahead and run the 20K. Instead of sunshine, it was overcast and we got some light rain with a little sleet mixed in.

Me and Katie and Jane huddled at the starting line to keep warm and the three of us walked part of the 5k. Katie had planned to walk the 5k so she was right on target with her fitness and running schedule. Jane and I were both supposed to be running the 20k but the wind and sleet changed that. We ended up doing a run/jog/walk in the 5k. I was thrilled when I found a neck scarf my husband had left in the truck. I used it to block the wind from my face.

The path/road/trail had areas that were covered in ice that still lingered from the ice storms of two weeks ago. They had cleared one side of the road, salted it, and put up cones to divide the cleaned side from the icey side and to protect the runners from slipping on the ice.

The “Run Short, Run Long” was the smallest race I have ever participated in. There were only 46 finishers for the 5K and only 43 finishers in the 20K. But there were not 89 participants. Some of the runners ran both the 5k and the 20k. I would estimate that there were probably about 60-75 runners total.

The awards were given out in one of the park’s shelters and there was a fire going in the fireplace. It was nice.

5K Top Finishers
1 Cameron George Springdale AR 17 – 17:27
2 Ethan Pollock    Edmond OK 16 – 17:31
3 Matt Wilson      Owasso OK 16 – 18:32

1 Terri Cassel    Tulsa OK 45 – 19:43
2 Jennifer Johnson Tulsa OK 29 – 24:09
3 Mary Twarog      Girard KS 50 – 27:11

20K Top Finishers
1 Kendall Robbins Owasso OK 18 – 1:09:32
2 Pete Orban    Claremore OK 51 – 1:14:02
3 John Stukey   Broken Arrow OK 53 – 1:20:27

1 Jennifer Johnson  Tulsa OK 29 – 1:31:46
2 Muge Sahinalp  Tulsa OK 31 – 1:37:28
3 Margaret Paul   Owasso OK 40 – 1:44:24


3 thoughts on “Run Short, Run Long

  1. 38 degrees ? I love running in the cold weather. As long as it’s not wet though. Getting outside very, very early on a crisp morning is the best. To be alone with your thoughts.

  2. I don’t mind running when it’s 38 degrees as long as the wind isn’t blowing and it’s not raining. I like my morning runs also. It’s a great way to start the day.

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