Toe Stumpin’ Review

Well, I ran my first trail run and I have to say that it kicked my butt.

I’ve decided that trail running is not for me.

The beginning of the course and most of the entire trail was so narrow that we had to run single file. What kind of race is that? It was next to impossible to pass anyone. It would have been better to name this race a goup hike. It reminded me of the days when I trained women firefighters in physical fitness and hiking was included in the training.

As forcasted, it rained Friday night. Needless to say, the trail was muddy. It was also very rocky and we had to cross streams/creeks. I thought I counted five crossings, but when I looked at the map, it shows seven creek crossings. Several of the creeks had rocks large enough that we could hop on rocks to get across. A couple of the creeks were wide and had no “hopping-rocks” so we had to wade across the water. Nike Trail Runners are certainly not wading shoes.

I can describe the Toe Stumpin’ Trail Run in five words–narrow, water, muddy, incline, rocks. The rocks were a huge hinderance. I now know why they named this race Toe Stumpin’. I never stubbed my toe on any tree stumps, but I sure did bang my left great toe on rocks several times.

I actually had fun, but I don’t think I’ll be running any more trail runs. It was a good experience, but I’ll stick to road racing and track running.

I’ll be posting photos later.


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