Our River Yes

I went for a training run down at the river this morning and what a beautiful morning it was.

The temperature was 60 degrees with 50% humidity. It was mostly sunny with a very slight foggy overcast. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning to run six miles.

For the past week or so, there has been new construction and remodeling done to the trail between 21st Street and the 31st Street pedestrian bridge. That doesn’t stop me though. I just reroute my run by crossing over the 21st street bridge and run on the westbank for a while. Then come back to the east side of the river on the pedestrian bridge. Using the odometer on my truck, I guaged the distance and found out that it’s 0.5 miles across the bridge. So, of course, to cross over and come back, it’s exactly one (1) mile.

I don’t mind changing my running route because improvements to the river trails and bridges have been long overdue.

Today I voted YES! to the other major improvements slated for the River Project. Two low river dams, two more pedestrian bridges, better public restrooms, enhanced lighting, picnic area, and better flood control are all in the plan for the river project.

“The result will be a river with a constant flow of water between downtown around 1st to the Jenks area at approximately 106th that provides for the multiple goals of recreation, aesthetics, flood control and wildlife habitat. If Tulsa County voters approve public funding, the private sector has agreed to donate $117 million to beautify the banks of the Arkansas River with picnic areas, parks, fountains and water features, safety features and more.”

I wish everyone felt as strongly as I do about the river improvements.

Vote Yes! to the River Project!

Here are two photos taken at the Arkansas River Trail–one of the two photos is me running (actually walking at that particular moment) on the trail between 61st and 71st Streets. The other one is a picture of my two granddaughters on their bicycles between 31st and 41st.

Running at The River             Cycling at The River


One thought on “Our River Yes

  1. It HAS been gorgeous weather for running! I love our river path but I wish they would patrol it better…it’s a bit lonely out there and a lot scary. Of course, if more OKCians would exercise… 🙂 I hope Tulsa makes it great!

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