Update: 2007 Route 66 Half-Marathon

I barely slept the night before the race worrying about my bib/number. As soon as I arrived at the race, I immediately went to the information booth. Before I could finish getting the words out of my mouth, the volunteer reached out to hand me my bib. I let out a sigh of relief and I felt like tears were welling up because I was happy about obtaining my number without a lot of hassle.

It was a good run. I met the Red Fork Hippie Chick in person for the first time. We’ve been fellow bloggers for quite some time and periodically leave comments on each others blog, but we never knew each other prior to that day.

I’m glad we met. We ran most of the race together and she was an encouragement for me to keep going even when I felt like slowing down. We talked about such things as gardening, Christian Science, healing, Route 66, and her friend’s children who also ran that day. We also spoke about our jobs. The conversation made time fly and it felt as though the finish line came to us. It made for an enjoyable run.

Most of my marathon photos were of both of us. I entitled this photo, “Hippie Chick and California Girl.”


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