Marathon Training

Our first week of training for the Route 66 Marathon has come and gone and it is “Great” to see so many faces of both new runners and seasoned runners—people I know and those I don’t know.

Due to new construction on the trails at River Parks, the Saturday morning training runs begin at Veteran’s Park and over to a small portion of River Parks. I prefer that location. It’s closer to me in miles and it covers some of the actual marathon course.

Tulsa is actually very humid, so I’m glad the training runs start at 6:45 am so we don’t have to endure both humidity and heat. As the temps start to climb, we’ll meet even earlier than that. (Yeah!)

Earlier this year I found out first hand why training is so important. I ran the Oklahoma Memorial half marathon in April and paid for lack of training. I didn’t run from Jan 1, 2008 until I ran the OKC Memorial Half-Marathon on April 27th whish was a big mistake.

Tired and untrained, I fell and skinned up both knees and crossed the finish line with blood running down my shins. (ugh) Needless to say, I learned my lesson. I vow to train, train, train.


Back to group training…

I met a lot of nice people. I ran the three miles with a young lady named Gayle. She hasn’t run a marathon before but she attended the Boston Marathon with a friend a few years ago. That’s what gave her the incentive to run her own marathon. Actually, she’s running the half. She works at one of the local hospitals in the medical records department. I really enjoyed our conversation.

We have roughly 22 weeks of training in front of us. During this time, I plan to train long and hard.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. Hey! Who are you training with? I’m still debating the relative merits of a fall marathon, but I honestly haven’t run a step since we crossed the finish line at the Route 66 half last fall, so I’m a woefully long way from 26.2….

  2. Hi Emily,

    I haven’t run much this year either; however, I did manage to run some 5k’s after the Route 66 half last year–the 1st Annual Hispanic Run, the Jingle Bell, and Race into the New Year.

    As of Jan 1st, I only run one 5k and absolutely no training at all until three weeks ago when I hooked up with Runner’s World. So I’m totally out of shape. I’m training with the half-marathon group.

    You should join us.

    Saturday mornings 6:15am at Veteran’s Park

    Tuesday evening 5:30pm at 68th and Riverside

    Thursday evening 5:30pm at Runner’s World

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