Running Along Tulsa Trails

I think I’ll make the running season of 2008 a time of running on some of the Tulsa Trails that I have never seen before.

The thing that influenced me to make this decision is the fact that for the past month, our Saturday morning runs have been along the Midland Valley Trail—a new trail to me.

The Midland Valley Trail extends along an abandoned railroad track corridor which was once used by the Midland Railroad. This short trail runs between Riverparks at 29th street and Maple Park at 15th and Madison. The trail is currently being expanded northward and will eventually go all the way to Central Park. The expansion is part of the “Vision 2025” revitalization project. The trail is paved, shaded, and conveniently located. What makes it nice is the fact that it makes you feel as though you are in the country; however, it is actually located in metro Tulsa.

Running along Midland Valley Trail has made me want to experience some of the other trails. There are many trails in the Tulsa area but I’m not interested in them all. The Trails I want to run this summer include the following:

• Katy Trail (MK&T) 9.4 miles
• New Block Trail 1.5 miles
• Osage Trail 14.5 miles
• Arkansas River (West Bank) 4.5 miles
• Mingo Creek Trail 3.75 miles
• Cherry Creek Trail 1.18 miles


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