Oklahoma Senior Olympics

There have been 4-5 hits to this blog everyday seeking information about the Senior Olympics and it’s that time of year to start planning and training for upcoming events.

I just received my entry packet this week for the Oklahoma Senior Games. I’m excited about competing this year because this is a qualifying year and this is the second year that the Oklahoma Senior Olympics have been in Oklahoma City instead of Tulsa. I didn’t attend last year, so I’ve never competed in OKC.

The 2008 Oklahoma Senior State Olympics in Oklahoma City will serve as the qualifying site for the 2009 National Senior Olympics to be held August 1-15, 2009 in Palo Alto (San Francisco), California. I have my heart set on making it to Nationals.

I’ve been going through the entry packet and contemplating what events I will compete in this year. Most likely it will be the high jump, long jump, triple jump, weight lifting, run track, and run the 5K road race. I would like to run the 10K also, but it’s being held on Monday and I don’t think I want to stay in OKC that long.

Weightlifting and the 5k Run are on Friday and the track and field events are held on Saturday, so I guess I’ll pass on running the 10K.

That’s enough about the Senior Olympics. I’ll blog about the Olympic Games during the Beijing Olympics.

FYI: The fastest 100-yard dash recorded by a human is about 9 seconds.


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