Age/Sex Discrimination – 40 Yr Old Olympian

I understand the importance of drug testing before, during, and after the Olympic Games, but the treatment of Dara Torres seems to be above and beyond anything prior to this year.

Torres is a 40 year old mother of a two year old. The IOC couldn’t believe that a “woman” who is “40” could be a high caliber, Olympic gold swimmer. She had to be drug tested five times in three weeks. Drug testers show up any time day or night. They even showed up one time when she was breast feeding.

Come on guys, give the woman a break!

Is the treatment of Dara Torres really fair?

Could it Be Age and Sex Discrimination?


One thought on “Age/Sex Discrimination – 40 Yr Old Olympian

  1. Oops! I guess she’s really 41 years old.

    Torres really proved that us older women can do anything we set our minds to do.

    She’s not just the oldest woman to compete, but she also missed the Olympic Gold by 1/100th of a second.

    She’s amazing for winning the silver for the US team.

    Way to go!

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