Center of the Universe

Runner’s World Tulsa offers FREE training groups for both begining runners, as well as those who want to train for a Marathon. I joined their marathon training group the first week of June. Whenever I post info about Saturday morning training runs, I’m referring to the Runner’s World training runs that begin at Veteran’s Park. We meet at 5:45 am and on Saturday June 26, 2008, we ran a 4.5 mile loop that took us to the Center of the Universe.

Now when coach Kathy said we were running to the Center of the Universe, I thought she was speaking in jest, playfully meaning that we’d be running a long distance. Little did I know that the Center of the Universe really does exist. It’s a real place downtown Tulsa. I’ve lived here for 22 years and never knew this place existed. It’s not as if I don’t go downtown or anything. I’ve passed by there hundreds of times.

Anyway, the photos that have a point in the background with a cloud on top is the Center of the Universe. It can be seen in three of the photos.

Center of the Universe

The runners in these photos are Cheryl, Sonya, Bette, Jean, and Todd. There is one runner (the one in blue) who’s name is unknown to me, but she’s Jean’s daughter.


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