Oldest House in Tulsa

Coach Kathy varies our Saturday training runs, and Saturday August 23, 2008 wasn’t any different. Our 6 mile running journey took us through Owen Park, an old Country Club area, and to see Tulsa’s Oldest House. We meed at 5:45am, so it was still quite dark outside. A lot of my photos didn’t turn out because of poor lighting.

In Front of Tulsa's Oldest HouseOldest House in Tulsa

On the left you see some of the half-marathon running group behind the sign located in front of Tulsa’s Oldest House-Donna, Cheryl, Todd, and Ken.

On the right is a photo of Tulsa’s oldest house that I borrowed from pbase.com/latinbob/.

The sign reads,
“Typical house of early 1880’s
Originally built on acreage
400 North Cheyenne, was parsonage
home of Rev Sylvester Morris
Tulsa Indian Territory
Methodist Minister (1836-1907)”

Sanya RunningCheryl Running

Sanya running on the left and that’s Cheryl running on the right.



Roman and Susan were there in the middle of our run to make sure we stayed well hydrated. The humidity was horendous, so the cold, thirst-quenching water was well appreciated.


One thought on “Oldest House in Tulsa

  1. g2-e7ae1333562477f2bf4565c774a62429 says:

    It’s great to see my family’s house on your blog. My great-great-grandmother, Harriet Smith Morris, lived in the house after she married its owner, the Rev. Sylvester Morris. She inherited it in 1907 after he died. Believe it or not, it continued to exist in its original location, near the Old Lady on Brady, until the 1970’s, when it was moved to Owen Park.

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