2006 Oklahoma State Senior Olympic Results

2006 Oklahoma State Senior Olympic 5K Running Results

I had a couple people ask me to post the running results for the Oklahoma State Senior Olympics, so thought I’d oblige. For the sake of time and space, I’m only including the top two runners in each age group in the 5K road race.

These results are from 2006, when the Oklahoma Senior Olympic Games were still held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2007, the Senior Games were moved to Oklahoma City after 27 years.

2006 Oklahoma State Senior Olympics
Mohawk Park
Tulsa, Oklahoma

September 2006

5K Road Race

Men 55-59
1. Steve Blazer Tulsa, OK 21:07.0
2. Bill Isaac Tulsa, OK 21:45.0

Women 60-64
1. Sharon Snavely Berryville, AR 29:14.0
2. Barbara Parker Tulsa, OK 29:52.0

Men 60-64
1. D.R. Cromer Tulsa, OK 25:27.0

Women 65-69
1. Kathy Moffitt Oklahoma City, OK 29:33.0
2. Mary Kaplan Sunrise Beach, TX 32:51.0

Men 65-69
1. Kenneth Ruane Orange, TX 20:44.0
2. Robert Dedeke Tulsa, OK 23:06.0

Women 70-74
1. Faith Walkwitz Tahlequah, OK 31:31.0

Men 70-74
1. Don Walkwitz Tahlequah, OK 24:28.0
2. Richard Irons Tulsa, OK 25:58.0

Women 75-79
1 Wanda Lemons Tulsa, OK 46:27.0
2 Jeanne Mayer Desoto, TX 46:58.0

Men 75-79
1 Paul Morrow Tulsa, OK 32:24.0

Men 80-84
1 Ted Hine Muskogee, OK 28:21.0
2 Thomas O’Connell Tulsa, OK 36:25.0

Women 85-89
1 Ruth Boone Tulsa, OK 56:51.0


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