Silver and Gold – Senior Olympics

Just to answer everyone’s questions!

I came home from the Oklahoma Senior Olympic games with three gold medals, three silver medals, and no bronze–a total of 7. The Olympic gold medals are real gold, but the Senior Olympic Gold medals are only gold in color. It’s not the value of the medal that’s important, but the effort that it took to win the medal.

On Friday morning, I ran the 5k and earned my first gold medal.

Later that day, I competed in the weight lifting events and walked away with silver medals in the bench press, bicep curl, leg press, and push-ups.

Then on Saturday, the track and field events were to be held at Putnam City School. It rained most of the day and there were even a few down pours. The long jump, high jump, triple jump, polevault, and hammer throw events were all cancelled because of the rain. Those events will be rescheduled.

They did continue with the track events though and I took gold in both the 50 Meter dash, and the 200 Meter dash.

I’ll post more general information later this week.

I want to thank all those who sent positive thoughts and prayers my way during the three days I was in Oklahoma City for the various competition events.

Btw, this is a qualifying year for the National Senior Olympics and I made it! I qualified!

Weightlifting isn’t offered at the national level, but I’ll run track and the 5k in Palo Alto, California next year.

I’m also hoping to qualify in the high jump.


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