Tulsa Run 2008

We had a lot of fun today. Many from our Runner’s World Tulsa training group ran the 15K Tulsa Run.

In one of Coach Kathy’s ezines she wrote, “So who is going to join me for our little costume parade? I think it is great fun and it IS almost Halloween. Besides, I don’t want to hog all the spotlight. So whadda ya say, don your tiaras, paint your faces and go a little wild.”

Kathy dressed as Rocky Balboa, Roman was the referee, and Ken was the ring girl/cheerleader. They really did steal the spotlight. Ken was hilarious with his poses to match his costume. There was also a group of women dressed in ’50s outfits, and some women really did don their tiaras.

It was also good to see Angela and her mother, Mike, Gayle, Stephanie, Russel, Jim (Dylan’s dad), Kristin, and Ronit.

Of all the people I saw today, I was hoping to see Mona Canady and Olga Crutcher. I didn’t see either one of them.

My finishing time was (00:01:07) one minute seven seconds chip time faster than last year. It was a PR for the new millenium but I ran it much faster in 1988 and 1989.

I’ll post photos in a day or two.


One thought on “Tulsa Run 2008

  1. Stan says:

    I ran the Tulsa Run on Saturday and I must say….I laughed are when I saw Rocky. It was a little disturbing to see the ringcard/cheerleader. Great sense of humor.

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