3 Lies Told to Runners

3 Biggest Lies Runners Hear While Running a Marathon and Other Races

  • No more hills
  • Looking good
  • Almost there

2 thoughts on “3 Lies Told to Runners

  1. hatboxrunner says:

    This is so true. During the route 66 marathon, I believe all three of these phrases were said to me or something similar. The one that was very irriatating was when I got to the top of the first hill around mile 22, a lady(maybe a volunteer) said you’re looking good, the tough part is over. Anyway, I knew that was a lie. But I guess it’s better than hearing the truth.

  2. “Looking good” is a nice bit of encouragement, even if it’s all relative (most of the time, it just means, “Hey, awesome that you’re still on your feet and conscious by this point in the race”), and if I believe I’m “almost there” before I can actually see the finish line, I probably shouldn’t be marathoning, but “Last hill!” secretly makes me want to hurt people. Even if it’s technically true — which it usually isn’t — it overlooks the fact that by mile 20, you start to regard any subtle change in grade, no matter how slight, as a “hill.”

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