I Finally Belong!

Well, I finally found out what training team I belong to–“Best Pace Scenario!”

Linda Jaramillo is our team leader and running pacer.

With four of the women on the team being from California, I thought it would be more appropriate to call us the California Girls. But then again, maybe it’s not so appropriate. We have a couple of guys on our team.

The California cities we’re from are all Southern California cities–Rialto (a small town outside of San Bernardino), Norco, West Covina, and Rancho Mirage. We all lived within an hour of each other. I lived 22 miles from Norco, 36 miles from West Covina, and approximately 65 miles from Rancho Mirage.

I’m glad I finally have a training team to run with.

Photos of the day:

Aint She Sweet?

Beautiful Scenery


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