Rt66 Quarter Marathon


The 2010 Route 66 “Quarter Marathon” Run was held on August 7th, 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It started at 7:30 am in the Blue Dome District of downtown at 2nd and Elgin.

The two things I liked most about the Route 66 Quarter Marathon 2010 were the rain and the “Theme from Rocky.”

We experienced a light rain to cool us off during the sweltering heat of August. The temperature high for the day was 95 degrees with 75% humidity. At 7 am the temperature was already 80 degrees and 74% humidity, so the drizzle of wet sprinkles was a welcome comfort.

As we were nearing the finish line in the Blue Dome District, we crossed an arched bridge. We ran to the tune of the “Theme from Rocky.” When I arrived at the top of the bridge, I threw up my arms and yelled, “Yo Adrian, I made it.” It was a great feeling and so appropriate.

The event had 1,968 finishers. Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/article.aspx?subjectid=29&articleid=20100808_29_B8_ScottM436807

The top three male runners for the quarter marathon were:
1 Scott MacPherson Fayetteville AR 23 33:01 33:03
2 Jerry Faulkner Edmond OK 28 36:25 36:27
3 Conner Drendel Yukon OK 21 38:09 38:11

The top three female runners were:
1 Amanda Erwin / 38 45:09 45:09 6:54
2 Andreia Huff Chickasha OK 39 47:01 47:10 7:13
3 Addie Patterson Tulsa OK 24 47:44 47:53 7:19

Male winners of the 5K Road Race:
1. Jerry Faulkner (Edmond), 16:02
2. Scott Doward (Norman), 16:57
3. Cole Barnes (Sapulpa), 17:07

Female winners of the 5K Run:
1 Lisa Lake Sapulpa OK 19 20:15 20:19
2 Muge Park Tulsa OK 35 20:43 20:45
3 Mindy Lake Sapulpa OK 19 20:55 20:58

Blue Dome District

Cole Barnes 3rd Place in the 5K Running Event

Lisa Lake first place female in the 5K Run

Mindy Lake 3rd place female winner in the 5K Road Race

Linda is the Pacer and Leader for our team, "Best Pace Scenario." She's one of the California Girls

Gayle is from the Runner's World Training Groups. We were on the same team a couple years ago.

Wet Bette (pronounced Bet). It was raining slightly

Candice and Bette at the finish line of the Quarter

Bette and Gayle

Bette and Jim


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