Mountain Living and My Running Dilema

Trying to get back into shape by weightlifting and running. It’s a more difficult task than one would imagine. I have a workout room at home so weightlifting is no big task. It’s the running that holds me back. I moved to the forest and I live on dirt roads that are mud most of the time.  I can’t keep my car clean and I really don’t feel like running in the mud.  There are no paved roads except a two lane highway and I certainly don’t want to  run on the highway.

So-o-o, I have taken up hiking in the woods instead.

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Running in California Now

I loved the running community in Tulsa Oklahoma–great trails, great people. Running the City Parks trails at the Arkansas River was the best–paved trails, conveniently located, lots of other runners, and the 11 mile distance from Riverside and 11th street to Riverside and 101st. Out and back is a nice 22 mile run.

The great running community is one of the things I miss most about Tulsa, and of course, Runner’s World.

Now I run in California.

10.3 Miles on a Dark, Cold, Windy Day

Windy Day Runner Passed by a lady running in the opposite direction who spoke as we passed each other, “Kind of cold to be running today, isn’t it?”  Without stopping I answered back, “At least it’s not twenty degrees.” We both chuckled and continued in our own directions.

The actual temperature at that time was actually 41 degrees which isn’t really cold in comparison to what it had been during the past couple weeks. The thing that made it feel so cold is the fact that the wind was blowing and the air was moist.

It wasn’t so bad dealing with the elements running toward Swan Lake but by the time I was on my return trip it was getting dark and the cold wind was really getting noticeable.

While I run I try to always be aware of my form.  I say “try” because some times there are are things that distract my attentions such as the cold winds. As I continued to run, I bagan to feel a twinge of pain in my left knee.  Then I realized the cold wind had me all tensed up. My shoulders were up and my back was slightly hunched.

Here we go talking about posture again. I seem to talk about posture these days and there’s a good reason.  Good posture is part of good form.  I just spoke about posture a few days ago in the post entitled, Run at Swan Lake and Good Posture and in another post entitled, Self Talk While Running #3.

I did my best to stay in tune with my body, posture, and form for the rest of the run.  I managed to take a little stress off my knee.  But needless to say, I woke up the following day with a sore knee. I couldn’t find my heating pad and I’m out of Epson Salts so I did nothing for the sore knee.  Guess I’ll have to give a little rest.

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Ran 8 Miles on a Snowy Day

So I ran 8 miles yesterday. That is not such a special feat. Tulsa area runners who are more gutsy than I am ran at least that many miles and more while it was snowing. I know some people love running while it’s snowing or raining, but that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t mind running while there’s snow on the ground but not while it’s coming down. Call me a wimp if you want, but I just can’t take the cold. So needless to say, I ran on the treadmill at Planet Fitness – Tulsa.Admiral.OK.

Surf City Logo Discount code for Surf City Marathon and Half-Marathon is SCATHALL

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Run at Swan Lake and Good Posture

20141125_134539 (1)It was a beautiful day today–nice and warm for a change. It feels good to be running the streets again.

I ran from Saint John Medical Center to Swan Lake and through the neighborhood for over 40 minutes. Took a few photos of the ducks and geese, but didn’t see any swans. I heard the swans were sent to a waterfowl refuge a few years ago.

I seemed to be more in tune with my posture today. I have mentioned posture in two previous posts: Self-Talk While Running #3 and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment #1.

In the self talk post I talk about reminding ourselves certain things while running such as using good posture. I also want to add that we shouldn’t hunch our shoulders, neither should me tense our shoulders stiffening them upwards.

I realized my hips, as part of the posture, need to be held in a certain way also. My mother always told me when I was younger to keep my back flat and the pelvic area slightly forward. I did that for several years and ended up with some lowere back problems. Actually that posture is inaccurate and unnatural. Our spines are naturally in a slight S shape when we are standing properly. When we lean slightly forward, the spine needs to remain in the slight S posture.

Pre-Training #4 – 40 minutes, 20 seconds

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Run Surf City

Today I signed up to be a Surf City Marathon Ambassador.  They’re only accepting 25 people as ambassadors and I’ll know if I’m accepted within 48 hours.

I think I would make a good ambassador for the Surf City Marathon.  I’ve already recruited three people to run it with me.  Without even knowing about the ambassador for the marathon, I’ve already been posting about it on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Athlinks it shows I’ve run 60 races but those stats only go back to 2003.  I’ve actually been running competitively since 1987.  So I’m sure I have over 100 races under my belt

I’ve run 8 half marathons and this will be my second full marathon.

Half Marathons

  1. June 2003 – Kona Half Marathon – Hawaii
  2. Jan  2004 – P.F. Chang’s Inaugural Rock ‘N Roll Phoenix – Arizona
  3. Nov 2006  – Inaugural Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  4. Nov 2007  – Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  5. Apr 2008  – Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon – OKC
  6. Nov 2008  – Route 66 Half Marathon, Tulsa
  7. Nov 2009  – Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  8. July 2012 – The Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon – California

Full Marathons

  1. Nov 2010 –  Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  2. Coming soon —– Surf City Marathon —– 2015

Today’s Stats

Time: 00:40:12   Pace: 13:4

Weightloss: 2 pounds

Surf City Marathon Pre-Training

Surf City Marathon Pre-Training Sessions #2 and #3

Okay, I’m getting a slow start. Time to get serious. Time is passing by quickly. I need to be at my best if I’m going to reach my goals of running a 5 hour marathon and losing 8 pounds. Building speed is something I will do only after I’ve reached over an hour in total time.

Training Session #2 – November 21, 2014
Walking on the treadmill again. Rain, winds, and cool temperatures kept me indoors for another training session. Not quit as energetic as I was during the first training walk. 25:01 at a 14.29 min per mile pace.

Training Session #3 – November 23, 2014
I finally got a light jog in at decent outdoor temperatures. Jogged 39 minutes and 21 seconds in the neighborhood at a 13.44 min per mile pace. It was 62 degrees with 80% humidity. By the time I returned home I was soaking wet with perspiration, but it felt good. I immediately disrobed and stood underneath the fan. I can’t stand to have wet clothes on. Don’t worry, I was the only one home. lol

So far I have lost 1.0 pounds. Well, it’s better than gaining 1 pound.

Just looking at time and not distance or speed, here is my training summary:

Pre-Training #1 – 25 minutes, 17 seconds
Pre-Training #2 – 25 minutes, 01 second
Pre-Training #3 – 39 minutes, 21 seconds

Register for the Surf City marathon.

Beginning a New Marathon Training Season

Training for the Surf City Marathon: Session #1

I haven’t done much running since I ran the San Francisco Marathon in 2012. I would say, “I’m out of shape and over weight.”

So here goes. Today is the beginning of a new running and weight loss season. My goal is to run the Surf City Marathon in 5 hours and lose 8 pounds.

I’m so out of shape that I’m starting with the bare basics of walking. The outside temp is 18 degrees so I began with a 20 minute brisk walk on the treadmill at a 12.9 minute mile pace. Right now I’m not trying to set a PR, I’m just trying to build up my stamina. So it doesn’t matter how far I walked in 20 minutes. If someone just has to know, then figure it out mathematically. I’m just not posting distances right now. That will come later. I guess we can call this Pre-Training.

The Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon, “California’s Classic Oceanfront Marathon” will be held February 1, 2015 and starts in Huntington Beach, California and touches Seal Beach and Newport Beach. More information about the marathon can be found at their website:

So starting date is today, November 17, 2014.

Two goals:
1. Run a 5 hour marathon
2. Lose 8 pounds