Surf City Marathon Pre-Training

Surf City Marathon Pre-Training Sessions #2 and #3

Okay, I’m getting a slow start. Time to get serious. Time is passing by quickly. I need to be at my best if I’m going to reach my goals of running a 5 hour marathon and losing 8 pounds. Building speed is something I will do only after I’ve reached over an hour in total time.

Training Session #2 – November 21, 2014
Walking on the treadmill again. Rain, winds, and cool temperatures kept me indoors for another training session. Not quit as energetic as I was during the first training walk. 25:01 at a 14.29 min per mile pace.

Training Session #3 – November 23, 2014
I finally got a light jog in at decent outdoor temperatures. Jogged 39 minutes and 21 seconds in the neighborhood at a 13.44 min per mile pace. It was 62 degrees with 80% humidity. By the time I returned home I was soaking wet with perspiration, but it felt good. I immediately disrobed and stood underneath the fan. I can’t stand to have wet clothes on. Don’t worry, I was the only one home. lol

So far I have lost 1.0 pounds. Well, it’s better than gaining 1 pound.

Just looking at time and not distance or speed, here is my training summary:

Pre-Training #1 – 25 minutes, 17 seconds
Pre-Training #2 – 25 minutes, 01 second
Pre-Training #3 – 39 minutes, 21 seconds

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Ladies First 5K Scottish Festival Run 2009

Ladies First? Of course!

Where the men try to catch up to the ladies and the ladies get a 3 minute head start.

In association with the Oklahoma Scottish Festival.

I had more fun at this 5k than I had in a long time. In fact, for a 5k it was probably the best!

I rate the marathons and larger races as the very best, but for a great 5K, it was an enjoyable afternoon. I invite everyone to give it a try and run the “Ladies First 5K” next year.

There was fun and excitement afterwards with with “live music, beer, snacks, a fashion show sporting ladies running attire, mens and womens Celtic apparel, and a men’s sexy leg contest.”

Running SkirtScottish Wear Scottish Plaid Tartan

Ladies Fashion – Running Skirts, Celtic tartan, and Scottish Plaid

Macho Ken in his Scottish outfit Sportin' a Kilt Men's Scottish Wear Men's Celtic Apparel

Men’s Kilts

Sexy Leg Contest

Sexy Leg Contest – And the winner is…

Winners of the Sexy Leg Contest

Actually, it was a tie. So there were two winners.