Tulsa Run Costume Photos

Tulsa Run 2009 Costume Photos

With the Tulsa Run being so close to halloween, many runners dress in costume. This year, the Tulsa Run was actually on halloween. The costumes make the run even more fun.

Coach Kathy and Sloan
Coach Kathy and Sloan Hammin’ it up.

Look at her tail
Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit???

The tutu girls
The Tutu Girls

The Banana and Miss Sunshine
The Banana and Miss Sunshine

Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Roger and Jessica Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit Bunny


Tulsa Run 2009 Photos

Photos of the 32nd annual Tulsa Run.

Tulsa Run
This is the front of the t-shirt for the 32nd annual Tulsa Run 2009.
I borrowed this picture from the Tulsa Run website at tulsarun.com.

Olga Crutcher and Friend Olga Crutcher (on the right) is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Olga holds many first place medals for her running skills. The woman on the left is one of her clients.

Bette and SueSue Neil (on the right) was our announcer at the awards ceremony. Her picture was in the Tulsa People Magazine in January 2007 and she’s been quoted in the Tulsa World numerous times. She’s also a volunteer and supporter of the Oklahoma Senior Olympic Games. I’ve known Sue now for about 8 years.

Brian HooverBrian Hoover (along with his wife Kathy) is the owner of Runner’s World Tulsa and Founder of Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners (TATUR). Look how he is really concentrating on that camera.

MattMatt Weaver is an employee of Oklahoma State University (OSU). We worked on a project together at the OSU Center for Hyperbaric Medicine a couple years ago. Recently, he took part in the Men’s Sexiest Legs Contest.

Men Running Track Photos

Men’s 100 Meter Track Photos

National Senior Olympic Games 2009

Stanford University
Palo Alto, California
Cobb Track and Angell Field

These Senior Olympic Track photos of the masters over the age of 50 were taken at Stanford University on August 10, 2009. Each competitor had to previously qualify at the Senior Games in their perspective states. On the billboard in the photo below, you will find the following names listed with their state and finishing time:

  • Partridge
  • Pickens
  • Wunn
  • Davis
  • Hastings
  • McBride
  • Crowl
  • Steckler
  • Royer
  • 100 Meter Track Results   Crossing the Finish Line

    Track and Field

    Men's 100 Meter Track


    More Candid Shots

    These photos were taken at the National Senior Olympic Games held at Stanford University in California on August 10, 2009. They are images taken at the women’s 100 meter preliminaries that was run on Cobb Track and Angell Field. The weather was perfect and the daily high was 75 degrees in August in comparison to Tulsa’s high for the day which was 100 degrees. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

    Normi from Arkansas before running the race

    Unknown Woman sipping water on Cobb Track

    Women’s Track Candid Shots

    These photos were taken at the National Senior Olympic Games held at Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay area on August 10, 2009. I believe it was the 100 meter preliminaries run on Cobb Track that is in these images.