Run Surf City

Today I signed up to be a Surf City Marathon Ambassador.  They’re only accepting 25 people as ambassadors and I’ll know if I’m accepted within 48 hours.

I think I would make a good ambassador for the Surf City Marathon.  I’ve already recruited three people to run it with me.  Without even knowing about the ambassador for the marathon, I’ve already been posting about it on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Athlinks it shows I’ve run 60 races but those stats only go back to 2003.  I’ve actually been running competitively since 1987.  So I’m sure I have over 100 races under my belt

I’ve run 8 half marathons and this will be my second full marathon.

Half Marathons

  1. June 2003 – Kona Half Marathon – Hawaii
  2. Jan  2004 – P.F. Chang’s Inaugural Rock ‘N Roll Phoenix – Arizona
  3. Nov 2006  – Inaugural Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  4. Nov 2007  – Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  5. Apr 2008  – Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon – OKC
  6. Nov 2008  – Route 66 Half Marathon, Tulsa
  7. Nov 2009  – Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  8. July 2012 – The Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon – California

Full Marathons

  1. Nov 2010 –  Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon – Tulsa
  2. Coming soon —– Surf City Marathon —– 2015

Today’s Stats

Time: 00:40:12   Pace: 13:4

Weightloss: 2 pounds


Rt66 Quarter Marathon


The 2010 Route 66 “Quarter Marathon” Run was held on August 7th, 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It started at 7:30 am in the Blue Dome District of downtown at 2nd and Elgin.

The two things I liked most about the Route 66 Quarter Marathon 2010 were the rain and the “Theme from Rocky.”

We experienced a light rain to cool us off during the sweltering heat of August. The temperature high for the day was 95 degrees with 75% humidity. At 7 am the temperature was already 80 degrees and 74% humidity, so the drizzle of wet sprinkles was a welcome comfort.

As we were nearing the finish line in the Blue Dome District, we crossed an arched bridge. We ran to the tune of the “Theme from Rocky.” When I arrived at the top of the bridge, I threw up my arms and yelled, “Yo Adrian, I made it.” It was a great feeling and so appropriate.

The event had 1,968 finishers. Read more from this Tulsa World article at

The top three male runners for the quarter marathon were:
1 Scott MacPherson Fayetteville AR 23 33:01 33:03
2 Jerry Faulkner Edmond OK 28 36:25 36:27
3 Conner Drendel Yukon OK 21 38:09 38:11

The top three female runners were:
1 Amanda Erwin / 38 45:09 45:09 6:54
2 Andreia Huff Chickasha OK 39 47:01 47:10 7:13
3 Addie Patterson Tulsa OK 24 47:44 47:53 7:19

Male winners of the 5K Road Race:
1. Jerry Faulkner (Edmond), 16:02
2. Scott Doward (Norman), 16:57
3. Cole Barnes (Sapulpa), 17:07

Female winners of the 5K Run:
1 Lisa Lake Sapulpa OK 19 20:15 20:19
2 Muge Park Tulsa OK 35 20:43 20:45
3 Mindy Lake Sapulpa OK 19 20:55 20:58

Blue Dome District

Cole Barnes 3rd Place in the 5K Running Event

Lisa Lake first place female in the 5K Run

Mindy Lake 3rd place female winner in the 5K Road Race

Linda is the Pacer and Leader for our team, "Best Pace Scenario." She's one of the California Girls

Gayle is from the Runner's World Training Groups. We were on the same team a couple years ago.

Wet Bette (pronounced Bet). It was raining slightly

Candice and Bette at the finish line of the Quarter

Bette and Gayle

Bette and Jim

The Way It Went Down

Here’s The Way it Went Down

New Year’s Eve

I had been planning for over a month to run in the “Race into the New Year.”

I remembered how much fun it had been previously. Running along the river while it reflects the moonlight is a great feeling.

I remembered the comreaderie of fellow runners and seeing “Father Time” and the “Jester.”

I remembered sipping hot chocolate as we shivered in freezing temperatures, and eating black eyed peas and corn bread for good luck.

For days, I pondered what to wear to keep warm enough in 19 degree weather, yet not be over-dressed. Early in the day on New Year’s day, I set out my clothes–workout pants instead of running shorts and three shirts (1 sleevless, 1 short sleeved and one long sleeved), a jacket, gloves, and a neck scarf to cover my face.

That night I got all bundled up and headed out early toward the river. I was due to arrive at the race site right around 11:00 pm. When I arrived, there wasn’t a car in sight. It was an eerie feeling. I felt as though I had entered the “Twilight Zone.”

There I was, ready to run. I had the right mindset, I had on the right clothing, I was feeling strong, and I was ready to run in the cool, crisp air and race into the New Year.

I guess I didn’t look to see where the race was actually going to be held. I wasn’t going to give up that easily. So I decided to drive up and down Riverside and look for the crowd. I drove from 11th Street south all the way to 81st Street, to no avail.

Then I started thinking…

“Is it really New Year’s Eve? Do I have my dates right? Where can they be? I know it’s New Year’s Eve. It has to be New Year’s Eve. Maybe they’re running from the Runner’s World Store.”

Time was running out. I just had to find them. But where could they be? I headed over to Runner’s World and nobody was there either.

Then I heard all the noise from the Brookside New Year’s Eve Celebration. The thought came to me that “maybe, just maybe the race was being held in conjunction with the dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball.

But that wasn’t the case either. There wasn’t a runner in site.


I didn’t get to race into the New Year, but I did run into the New Year.

I parked my truck on Peoria in the Brookside area and started walking toward the sound of the voice on the speakers. I heard them say they were about to drop the ball and the entire crowd began the countdown, “10-9-8-7…” At that point I broke into a sprint. When they reached “1,” I turned around and continued to sprint back to my truck.

And so…

Of course, I missed the race. I was disappointed. Really Disappointed!

I have actually signed up for the “Race into the New Year” four times, but ran it only twice.

New Year’s Eve 2008, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it was too late.

New Year’s Eve 2009, I went to the wrong place.

How did that happen?

Well, the two times that I ran it, the “Race into the New Year” was held at 41st Street and Riverside. It didn’t even dawn on me to double check the location. I thought it would be held in the same place as where I ran it before.

And so…

I went to 41st Street and Riverside.

Women’s 200 Meter Results

Women’s Track Results — Palo Alto, California

2009 National Senior Games – 8/5/2009 to 8/11/2009
Sponsored by: Del Monte
Stanford University — Stanford, Ca — San Francisco Bay Area

Women’s Finals for the 100 Meter Track Event Results

Event 281 W50 200 Meter Dash —
Name Age Team Finals Wind
1 Scotti, Amanda W51 California 28.25 1.8
2 Cook, Brenda W54 Texas 29.47 1.8
3 French, Marie W51 Minnesota 31.97 1.8
4 Williams, Kimberly W54 Maine 32.93 1.8
5 Lowe, Suzanne W54 California 33.32 1.8
6 Karch, Karen W54 Illinois 33.71 1.8
7 Ruth, Carol W54 California 34.81 1.8
8 Young, Connie W54 West Virginia 35.31 1.8
— Bowers, Linda W53 Alabama DQ 1.8

Event 280 W55-59 200 Meter Dash —
Name Age Team Finals Wind
1 Woodward, Loretta W55 Georgia 30.17 0.2
2 Yearwood, Pearl W58 Florida 30.39 0.2
3 Bowman, Jeanne W56 California 31.75 0.2
4 Glynn, Kay W56 Iowa 31.81 0.2
5 Epie, Betty W58 Texas 32.53 0.2
6 Bond, Irma W59 North Carolina 33.24 0.2
7 Whitfield, Alyse W59 Florida 33.51 0.2
8 Ritchie, Bobbie W59 Alaska 34.25 0.2

Event 279 W60-64 200 Meter Dash —
Name Age Team Finals Wind
1 Raschker, Phil W62 Alabama 30.59 -0.3
2 Rue, Saundra W63 Ohio 33.50 -0.3
3 Sarnaik, Sharada W63 Michigan 34.87 -0.3
4 White, Mary W62 Virginia 34.91 -0.3
5 Stiles, Debbie W60 Missouri 35.60 -0.3
6 Benedict, Normimah W62 Arkansas 36.35 -0.3
7 Davis, Christine W61 Indiana 40.41 -0.3

National Senior Games – Stanford University Track

The US National Senior Games held at Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay area of California is the largest multi-sport event in the world for men and women athletes ages 50 and older.

12,750 athletes and an additional 25,000 family and friends were expected at the Olympic style games.

There were more than 800 events contested over 16 days.

I heard someone say that the Stanford track is the second most expensive running track in the US. And I was invited to run on the track with the National Senior Olympics. What an opportunity it was. I previously qualified in the Oklahoma Senior Olympics in 200 meter track and the 5k road race.

The San Francisco Bay area is beautiful and the weather was perfect. I stayed for 5 nights and 6 days. I couldn’t get enough time off from work to be able to stay for all the events.

My mother and daughter joined me and we shared a hotel room in Sunnyvale just a few miles away from Palo Alto, California.

I arrived back from California on Thursday August 13, 2009 feeling great. I didn’t win, but had a great time.

Tulsa Run Photos

Jim at the Tulsa RunMike 2008Russel after the race

These three guys went the distance–Jim, Mike, and Russel. Jim and Mike’s photos were taken before the 31st annual Tulsa Run. Russel’s was taken after finishing the race.

You did it Jim. By the way, kudos to Jim for making first place in the men’s clydesdale category 230 pounds.

Mike told me this was the longest distance he has ever run. Way to go Mike!

Good job Russel. Three cheers for Jim, Mike, and Russel.