Ran 8 Miles on a Snowy Day

So I ran 8 miles yesterday. That is not such a special feat. Tulsa area runners who are more gutsy than I am ran at least that many miles and more while it was snowing. I know some people love running while it’s snowing or raining, but that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t mind running while there’s snow on the ground but not while it’s coming down. Call me a wimp if you want, but I just can’t take the cold. So needless to say, I ran on the treadmill at Planet Fitness – Tulsa.Admiral.OK.

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Cross Training for Runners

Highly considering the fact that runners need to cross train.  In that vein I’ve decided to join a class called “Urban Fit.”  I’ve chosen this class over other classes around the Tulsa area due to the fact of convenience and the body’s need for cross training and strength development.  All this in hopes of improving my running time.  Tomorrow will be my first day to try it out.

The meeting location is only 5-7 minutes from home depending on traffic. 


It’s being held in the Blue Dome district of the downtown area.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Run in Your Underwear

Undie Run

The Idea – When the organizers of TATUR (Tulsa Area Trail & Ultra Runners) meet and brainstorm, we often try to focus on two goals. One, how can we put the fun back in running (hence our tagline – Puttin the Fun in Run). Two, how we come up with an event that has the possibility to raise a mountain of money to help out a fantastic charity.

The Charity – The Undie Run was born, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association was declared to be our major beneficiary. Please read below to learn more about the MDA. Leon’s is proud to partner up with the Undie Run and believes in our mission.

The Goal – We hope that all of Tulsa will stand behind us in our goal to have 20,000 Undie Runners in 2013. We firmly believe that this event can make a huge difference in many kids’ lives who are living with Muscular Dystrophy as well as bring a wealth of income to the city of Tulsa.

Run in your underwear

Cancer – Sneed, Wing, and Me

In January 2010, I was diagnosed with Multi Nodular Goiter and Thyroid Cancer. By February 9, 2010, I was wheeled into the operating room so a surgeon at St. John’s Medical Center could perform a Total Thyroidectomy.

I hadn’t felt very well for several months and my running times suffered. From running track at the National Senior Olympics to the Zoo Run, Tulsa Run, and the Route 66 Half Marathon I knew something was wrong. I felt sick after each run and I literally thought I was dying after running the Tulsa Run. But the thing about it was the fact that I had no idea what was wrong with me.

Many well-meaning runners told me it was dehydration and to drink more water. If they knew how much water I drink, they wouldn’t have told me that. My doctor told me I drank too much water and to drink things such as apple juice and sports drinks, but to quit drinking plain water.

Anyway, by January 2010, I was told that I have cancer of the Thyroid Gland with three cancerous nodules and one non-cancerous nodule. I was told that the cancerous nodules had several cancer markers including calcification, shadows, and halos.

After removal of the thyroid gland (Total Thyroidectomy), the report came back from pathology that it was not cancer. I’m Cancer Free!

Hallelujah! I jumped for joy. I was relieved and overwhelmed with emotion. The report made me happy.

But today I cry. Not for myself, but for Pam Sneed and Jack Wing. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been spared from the throws of cancer and here are two others from the running community who weren’t so blessed. I’m blessed beyond measure and I remember to count my blessings daily.

I did not know that Pam passed away until today. And I didn’t know that Jack Wing was battling cancer until today.

My health is bouncing back and I feel like I’m ready to run a small 5K race. I went online to register for the Wish Lemons 5K. That is when I ran across an article about Pam passing from this life to the next from gall bladder cancer on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.

I have a photo that I took of Pam at the Route 66 Marathon in 2006. I’ll hunt for it and post it as soon as I locate it.

I noticed Jack wasn’t announcing at a couple races at the end of 2009 and he was missed. I wondered at that time if anything was wrong. I had no idea that he has multiple myeloma. I’ve never heard anyone speak of it. And, at the time I noticed he wasn’t there, I was battling my own health problems.

I knew Pam was battling cancer, but I had no clue about Jack.

I was looking for more info about Pam and that’s when I came across the Tulsa World Articles about Jack undergoing Chemo-Therapy and Radiation. Those articles were in the newspaper on January 20th and 21st, 2010.

It was right about the time that Jack was in the hospital and Pam passed away in Jan 2010 that I was told that I have cancer.

My heart and prayers go out for Jack Wing. Hey Jack, take lots of Vitamin D, but mention it to your doctor first. It will help strengthen those bones. I’ll be praying that you’ll actually be strong enough to compete at the wheel chair races as is your goal. Know that you are loved by everyone from the running circuit.

Pam was 54 years old and Jack is age 66.

Tulsa Run Costume Photos

Tulsa Run 2009 Costume Photos

With the Tulsa Run being so close to halloween, many runners dress in costume. This year, the Tulsa Run was actually on halloween. The costumes make the run even more fun.

Coach Kathy and Sloan
Coach Kathy and Sloan Hammin’ it up.

Look at her tail
Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit???

The tutu girls
The Tutu Girls

The Banana and Miss Sunshine
The Banana and Miss Sunshine

Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Roger and Jessica Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit Bunny

Tulsa Run 2009 Photos

Photos of the 32nd annual Tulsa Run.

Tulsa Run
This is the front of the t-shirt for the 32nd annual Tulsa Run 2009.
I borrowed this picture from the Tulsa Run website at tulsarun.com.

Olga Crutcher and Friend Olga Crutcher (on the right) is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Olga holds many first place medals for her running skills. The woman on the left is one of her clients.

Bette and SueSue Neil (on the right) was our announcer at the awards ceremony. Her picture was in the Tulsa People Magazine in January 2007 and she’s been quoted in the Tulsa World numerous times. She’s also a volunteer and supporter of the Oklahoma Senior Olympic Games. I’ve known Sue now for about 8 years.

Brian HooverBrian Hoover (along with his wife Kathy) is the owner of Runner’s World Tulsa and Founder of Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners (TATUR). Look how he is really concentrating on that camera.

MattMatt Weaver is an employee of Oklahoma State University (OSU). We worked on a project together at the OSU Center for Hyperbaric Medicine a couple years ago. Recently, he took part in the Men’s Sexiest Legs Contest.