Tulsa Run Costume Photos

Tulsa Run 2009 Costume Photos

With the Tulsa Run being so close to halloween, many runners dress in costume. This year, the Tulsa Run was actually on halloween. The costumes make the run even more fun.

Coach Kathy and Sloan
Coach Kathy and Sloan Hammin’ it up.

Look at her tail
Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit???

The tutu girls
The Tutu Girls

The Banana and Miss Sunshine
The Banana and Miss Sunshine

Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Roger and Jessica Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit Bunny


Tulsa Run 2009 Photos

Photos of the 32nd annual Tulsa Run.

Tulsa Run
This is the front of the t-shirt for the 32nd annual Tulsa Run 2009.
I borrowed this picture from the Tulsa Run website at tulsarun.com.

Olga Crutcher and Friend Olga Crutcher (on the right) is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Olga holds many first place medals for her running skills. The woman on the left is one of her clients.

Bette and SueSue Neil (on the right) was our announcer at the awards ceremony. Her picture was in the Tulsa People Magazine in January 2007 and she’s been quoted in the Tulsa World numerous times. She’s also a volunteer and supporter of the Oklahoma Senior Olympic Games. I’ve known Sue now for about 8 years.

Brian HooverBrian Hoover (along with his wife Kathy) is the owner of Runner’s World Tulsa and Founder of Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners (TATUR). Look how he is really concentrating on that camera.

MattMatt Weaver is an employee of Oklahoma State University (OSU). We worked on a project together at the OSU Center for Hyperbaric Medicine a couple years ago. Recently, he took part in the Men’s Sexiest Legs Contest.

Tulsa Run 15k 2009 Stats

Tulsa Run, Tulsa, Oklahoma – October 31, 2009

It was a beautiful day for a run. The weather couldn’t have been better with temperatures ranging from 47 degrees at the 9 am starting time, 52 degrees at 10 am, to 57 degrees at 11 am. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the humidity ranged between 51 and 59 percent. Perfect!

Almost 10,000 people registered to run this year’s Tulsa Run with 3,793 15k finishers, 2,151 5k finishers and an unknown number of fun run finishers.

Top 10 males:

  1. Alene Reta M27 New York NY 44:09
  2. Edward Tabut M26 Santa Fe NM 44:38
  3. Ezkyas Sisay M21 Flagstaff AZ 45:19
  4. Macdonard Ondara M25 Santa Fe NM 45:24
  5. Shadrack Songok M25 Corpus Christi TX 45:40
  6. Edwin Henshaw M24 Tulsa OK 45:46
  7. Greg Rouault M29 Owasso OK 47:37
  8. Mark Thompson M30 Edmond OK 47:39
  9. Jacob Bradosky M22 45324 FA 48:22
  10. Jynocel Basweti M22 Santa Fe NM 48:24

Top 10 females:

  1. Belainesh Gebre F21 Flagstaff AZ 50:29
  2. Teyba Naser F20 Albuquerque NM 50:45
  3. Caroline Rotich F25 Santa Fe NM 51:18
  4. Everlyne Lagat F28 Tucson AZ 52:10
  5. Alex Becker F22 Tulsa OK 52:32
  6. Christine Kalmer F23 Fayetteville AR 55:09
  7. McKale Davis F25 Stillwater OK 56:56
  8. Jessica Meyers F31 Tulsa OK 58:56
  9. Terri Cassel F48 Tulsa OK 1:01:13
  10. Sharon Sproule F39 Tulsa OK 1:03:28

Top 10 FILLIES 145+

  1. Marcella Morton Westville OK 1:05:50
  2. Rachel Runfola Owasso OK 1:08:18
  3. Julie Lynn Skiatook OK 1:08:56
  4. Patty Powell Henryetta OK 1:09:21
  5. Kimberly Pettit Tulsa OK 1:10:36
  6. Lynda Riggs Broken Arrow OK 1:11:53
  7. Rita Sanders Tulsa OK 1:17:34
  8. Robin Blackburn Scottsdale AZ 1:17:50
  9. Marcella Harp Tulsa OK 1:18:19
  10. Katie Fariss Oklahoma City OK 1:20:25


  1. 1 Mark Thompson Edmond OK 47:39
  2. Robert Broaddus Tulsa OK 52:09
  3. Gary Britt Tulsa OK 52:18
  4. Duncan Wise Jenks OK 55:07
  5. Richard West Tulsa OK 55:48


  1. Bob Garrett Tulsa OK 1:00:49
  2. Tom Jourdan Vinita OK 1:01:47
  3. Robert Frame Tulsa OK 1:01:55
  4. Anthony Cornell Tahlequah OK 1:03:04
  5. Kevin Shelhamer Tulsa OK 1:03:21


  1. Karl Schroeder Claremore OK 1:00:54
  2. Brian Hoover Tulsa OK 1:01:09
  3. Larry Carr Lawton OK 1:03:44
  4. Steve Wright Tulsa OK 1:05:00
  5. Sean Benton Nashville TN 1:06:51


  1. Richard Mills Sand Springs OK 1:08:28
  2. Bo Harrison Tulsa OK 1:08:58
  3. Travis Marshall Owasso OK 1:10:25
  4. Lance O’Rourke Tulsa OK 1:11:10
  5. Carlos Malone Broken Arrow OK 1:13:40


  1. Danny Limes Tulsa OK 1:13:33
  2. Toby Joplin Tulsa OK 1:14:51
  3. Tony Bulera Sapulpa OK 1:14:55
  4. Ted Reusser Wichita KS 1:15:52
  5. Will Barnes Tulsa OK 1:19:22

For a complete list of all runners you can go to active.com

The Moment I Crossed the Finish Line

Cramping: The Moment I crossed the Finish Line

It was the 32nd annual Tulsa Run and I was running along at a decent pace for me until around the 10K point at which time, my legs began cramping. I slowed down and continued to trudge to the finish line. The moment I crossed the finish line, it was as if my entire body was in a cramp–the worst being in my left plantar fascia, upper left foot, upper left gastroc, left tensor fasciae latae muscle, and ITB pain. The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t move once I crossed the finish line. I was also cramping between my shoulders, and the right inner quadricep–the vastus medialis.

I couldn’t move. A doctor and two other workers came over to assist me. After being frozen in one spot for 3-4 minutes, I was finally able to hobble to the message tent. It seemed as if I was in line forever. Finally, the OU physical therapy department attempted to help me with soft tissue work consisting of stretching and myofascial release. It didn’t work! I was cramping so bad that I was told I needed to go to the medical wagon, but they had already left the area. After filling me full of water and apple juice, they said I should probably go to the emergency room.

The physical therapy students advised me that I was probably dehydrated caused by over-perspiring. The only problem with that theory is that I didn’t really perspire during the race. In fact, my skin was drier than usual. However, after consuming a full bottle of water and the full bottle of apple juice, I did experience a little relief–still cramping but not as intense.

Got home and took a short nap. When I awakened, I experienced the same total body cramping with worst of it being in the legs.

Because of my medical background–LPN and CMA–I decided it must be an electrolye imbalance. I figured some salt and calcium would help.

Sent my husband to the store to buy some plain potato chips. Ate the potato chips and a Viactiv caramel calcium soft chew. That was about 4:00 pm. My body finally quit cramping and I haven’t had a cramp since that time. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the emergency room.

Thats great! But now I’m left with the ITB pain.


Tulsa Run Past

I know… I know… The Tulsa run was over months ago.

But some people are interested in reading more about the Tulsa Run and this posting is just for those who might be interested in reading about Tulsa Runs of the past. So I’m including links of previous races including the Bedlam Challenge, celebrity runners, and running poetry.

Final Tulsa Run 15K Stats 2008

Celebrity Runners for the 31st annual Tulsa Run were Mayor Kathy Taylor and Steve Bradshaw, senior executive vice president of the Bank of Oklahoma.

Results for the Tulsa Run top finishers.

    15K Men’s Top Runners

  1. Macdonnard Ondara 23 year old from Kenya 44:37
  2. Joshphat Boit 24 year old from Kenya currently lives in Fayetteville 44:58
  3. Haron Lagat, 25 year old Kenyan living in Santa Fe, New Mexico 44:59
    15K Women’s Top Runners

  1. Rose Kosgel – Kenya 51:24
  2. Karolina Jarzynska – Poland 51:33
  3. Sarah Shepherd – Colorado 54:23
    15K Male Masters

  1. Nadolski Zbigniew – 41 yrs Kenya – 52:23
  2. Ron Parks – 47 year old from Tulsa – 53:53
  3. Tom Lam – 47 year old from Owasso – 55:10
    15K Female Masters

  1. Terri Cassel 1:00:43
  2. Kirsten Chapman 1:03:03
  3. Julie Donelson 1:03:04

8 am – 38 ̊
9 am – 43 ̊
10am – 49 ̊
11am – 55 ̊
12pm – 60 ̊
High for the day – 70 ̊

Number of Marathon finishers: 1003
Number of females: 352
Number of males: 651

Number of Half-marathon finishers: 1633
Number of females: 957
Number of males: 676

Number of Quarter-marathon finishers: 577
Number of females: 376
Number of males: 201

Number of Marathon Relay finishers: 93
Number of females: 49
Number of males: 43